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Darwin and the Dodo

Street theatre company Desperate Men are bringing Darwin to life in their new piece Darwin and the Dodo - a really dead good show!

Grounded in science and thorough research, the show will look at Charles Darwin’s ideas, life, times and legacy. Darwin never saw a live dodo, which was extinct by 1640, but this unlikely juxtaposition is a springboard for a tongue in cheek and sideways look at the ‘mystery of mysteries’.

Dodos became extinct before Darwin was born.

Dodos became extinct before Darwin was born.

June launch

The show will be launched at the Darwin200 launch event at the Natural History Museum on the evening of 3 June. It can also be seen at ‘FEAST’ in Manchester on 7–8 June, and in Shrewsbury on 4 August. An adaptable walkabout piece, it is designed to be able to interact in intimate exchanges with just a few people, or with crowds of a hundred or more.

‘Desperate Men is committed to making work that has meaningful content and actually talks about something - not just entertainment,’ says Director Jon Beedell, ‘Over the years, we have created and honed an original and dynamic style of engaging, amusing and gently provocative theatre. Through outdoor arts, we feel we can reach the widest possible audience.’

Puppet company Pickled Image will be making props and costume-maker Amanda Hambleton – fresh from the West End musical Gone With The Wind – will be working on costumes. Charles Darwin and the Dodo will be performed by Richard Headon and Jon Beedell.

For details of where you can see Darwin and Dodo, see the Desperate Men website.


‘There is grandeur in this view of life... from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.’ Charles Darwin